My new album The Human Factor will be presented, along with Al Jarreau, Hiromi & Simon Phillips & Anthony Jackson and Lalo Schifrin, in the current episode of Jazzrock TV (episode no. 84). Quotation from this programme: “… this has really bowled us over … one of the best German records this year …” More under:

The well-known German music magazines RockTimes and MusikZirkus have also written reviews in the meantime. MusikZirkus writes, amongst other things: “That the second release will be no problem, this Frank Woelfer proves on The Human Factor in an impressive way. He has collected ten instrumental pieces on this album, that all demonstrate high quality and combine Funk, Jazz Rock and Progressive Rock with ethnic elements. In addition there are plenty of great solos. What more can you ask for? I love his music because it effuses energy and wellbeing.”

The complete review can be found under:

and the RockTimes review under:

“Music affects the smallest as well as the largest things. In Planck’s world and in the entire universe. We make it, it makes us.”