Dear visitor to this page, thank you for your interest in my artistic activities. It is time for some news again: in the meantime I have been working on my third album for over a year now, whereby I must say that getting used to the “new studio” consumed much of the time. But the benefits of being able to work in one’s own studio prevail and are now paying off: eight pieces for the upcoming album have been recorded and completely mixed and produced. The brilliant Daniel Hopf played bass on four pieces and thereby wonderfully enriched these songs – thanks Daniel! Still to be completed are the final mixing, mastering and of course the artwork for the cover, which will be accompanied by the reworking of this web page and is to be carried out again by the renowned Chris Menke from PK Media. It could unfortunately take up to six months before the CDs are pressed and the album, as with my first solo works, appears on TIDAL, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc. or the CD can be bought on Amazon. For all who are interested, let it be said that a few unmastered productions can be heard free of charge on my SoundCloud page as a small taste of what’s to come (go back to the main page and click the appropriate link or go directly to this link: Two pieces are still being worked on and should be finished within the next two months.

Pleasant to see on the GEMA (German performing rights society) invoice and accordingly the statement of the Fuego Label that markets my albums, that my music is being listened to worldwide and is even sometimes, if far too seldom, being played on a few radio stations. This motivates and pleases me very much, even if I cannot claim a significant commercial success.

What is unfortunately rather frustrating is the fact that at the moment I do not have any pending live activities. Univerve is still in a sort of “period of transition” (…), thus cannot do a live setup at present, and my own project, the Frank Woelfer Group, is effectively not active as I do not have time for booking and I have not found an agency that could do this for me. But things do not have to stay this way and I will of course keep you up-to-date on this page should circumstances change and also announce the exact time when the third album will be released.

Please take a look here again in future or visit me on SoundCloud or Facebook. I would be very pleased to receive feedback which can be left on, for example, this page under “contact”.

Best regards and many thanks for your interest in this page and my music.

Frank Woelfer